Son Day for Sunday Happy 2017

Embracing God’s Love

“I am Blessed with the Light and Love of Christ.”

Happy New Year!

Of all God’s children, you are richly blessed and deserving of all that I am; all that I have.

My goal for you in 2017 is to embrace God’s Love; find it, keep it and spread it to others along the way. Lift up the part of humanity that is broken; within self or another.

See my most immaculate heart shining forth in remembrance of what I did and why I came so long ago. I come to you now in preparation of what is to come. There is a segment of hope lost in your world.

As you learn to “Embrace God’s Love” find the hope you once had and let it shine for all to see; never let the eternal flame extinguish.

“A Healed Heart is full of Faith, Hope & Love.”


Thanks for Your Kind Words, Be Blessed!

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