Son Day for Sunday – Bird Church

Bird Church

On this First Sunday of Lent, I took some time away to walk, breathe; stick my feet in the sand and be.

For many years, I had a commitment every Sunday. It’s freeing to step out of the mold and experience God in a non-traditional setting.

Today, while we were walking, it was very quiet. Suddenly, a bunch of seagulls, ducks, etc. all started chattering at the same time.  My response to the birds chatting it up; “Must be Bird Church.”

We walked on a little further and found this little guy chatting away. My husband said, “He’s the Preacher.”

Preacher Bird

The people I minister to; I meet them right where they are at. God does the same for us; meeting us wherever we roam.

You never know when, where or how God will get your attention or if you will wind up in the middle of “Bird Church.”

Bird Church Trail

Have a Blessed Week!

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