Rev. Patty’s Inspiration Station

Rescue Me

When brokenness seeps into the atmosphere, don’t despair… “I am burdened and broken by this pain. When your miracle rescue comes to me, it will lift me to the highest place.” (Ps. 69:29)

Running with the Pack

Every pet has a place in the family pack. If you have lost your pet, know that she or he is “Running with the Pack in Heaven!”

Perfect in His Sight

Do you believe you are perfect in God’s sight? The light of the body is the eye. The eye is to the body what the Son is to the universe. The eyes of your spirit will allow revelation-light to enter into your being; if your heart is unclouded, your eyes open and the light floods in!"

Don’t Look Back

Kindred’s; are you ready? Don’t look back; open your heart to see all the greatness God has in store for you?

Everlasting Peace

If only you could recognize that this day peace is within your reach. What is it that blinds you from the peace of God?

Blazing the Trail

Never forget: You are a trailblazer. When times are tough, don’t be afraid nor disheartened. Take in Jesus’ words, “You will be my messengers to the ends of the earth and I will be with you, always!”

Gateway Safety

You are protected, guided and loved. Answer His sweet call. Enter into His gates with joy and thanksgiving!

Jesus – The Light of the World

Are you searching for His Light? When we move ‘Into the Light’, we move ‘Into His Presence!’

Microscope of Love

Who do you need to place under the Microscope of Love? “For you have saved my soul from death and my feet from stumbling so that I can walk before the Lord bathed in his life-giving light.” (Ps. 56:13)

Joyfully Created by Me

As a Child of God, "You are to live, breathe and be, and reflect the best part of me."