“A remnant shall be restored. Gods people shall be as the sand of the sea, scattered about; yet a remnant shall return.” (Is 10)

It is time to lay another piece of the foundation; under God and not under the world. We have to dig deeper spiritually and build higher.

We are under a protective covering. Our own restoration has to do with the present space in time, our own crack of heaven.

Let go of the past and all its ugliness. Reach out and do the next right thing and all will be well. “We are to be prepared for anything and trust in His promises of protection as his remnant and people.” (For His Mercy Sake, pg. 3)

“Restoration of my people is of utmost importance; repair and restore.”

Bless the being and the path she/he is on.

“Repair the Remnant. Shepherd my people!”

Go into the depths for your healing and restoration!

“The remnant that remains shall again bear fruit upward.” (Is. 37)

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