Passionate Praise

Beyond the Pulpit

When I fully trust in you, help is on the way. I jump for joy and burst forth with ecstatic, passionate praise!” (Ps. 28)

Hello Kindred Soul’s,

For the last couple of months, we’ve been busy in the garden; planting babies, building, fixing, moving, etc. It’s important to get everything done before the rainy season kicks into gear. This time of year, the weather is unpredictable; as is life.

It’s easy to get caught up in the world; instead of paying attention to the little miracles that God blesses us with each day.

The other morning, I was outside watering the plants. A short burst of rain descended from a cloud, a sun shower. I lifted up my hands in gratitude and danced around expressing my joy.

Although the rain didn’t last very long, I felt such relief. It was a gift; a sign of things to come, reminding me to take a breath. God is in charge!

“Hear my voice O’ Lord; let my prayer come unto you!”

Our job is to rise up beyond the noise of this world, “How we interact with those who cross our spiritual path leaves us standing before the one who loves us with an everlasting love, Jesus.”* pg. 77 awakening

Let’s keep the momentum going. Pull weeds, pick flowers and celebrate new growth in the garden, and in your life.

This week, meet Passion Flower…

Into the Garden

Instead getting tangled up with the world, get tangled up with God. Look closely at the flower and you will see the Cross of Christ!

Reach for the sky, “Break forth with dancing! Make music and sing God’s praises with the rhythm of drums! ” (Ps. 149)

Connect with the Inner Ticker of Life

“It’s time to sing to God a brand-new song so that all his holy people will hear how wonderful he is!” (Ps. 149)

Tune into Passionate Praise to hear the rest of today’s message…

Keep in Touch: I Want to Hear From You!

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life

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