Of what is yet to come

“It is imperative for those of you who are “Bearers of the Light” to listen to the “Inner Ticker” of all life, the Holy Spirit that resides within.
Your spirit is pounded daily with all the bad news in the world, and there is much propaganda and lies filling the airways. People are being horribly deceived and lied to on a daily basis.
Much of this behavior will soon come out into the forefront and be revealed to the people of your nation. There will be much upheaval. (We see this already happening right now in our country)
It is important for you and others to bring about a sense of calm in the midst of such calamity.
There is corruption everywhere. Everything has a ripple effect. It is not just your nation. The war of the enemy rages on.”

Jesus said there would be “wars and rumors of wars”, throughout history and not to be dismayed nor discouraged because our God is with us wherever we go!

Are you a “Bearer of Light?”

Perhaps we can take a page from spiritual history to help us along:

St. Ignatius became a “Warrior for Christ”, a “Bearer of Light” in 1521. Ignatius, a Spanish knight, was seriously wounded while in military service.
During his recovery, Ignatius had a spiritual conversion dedicating the rest of his life to Christ. Ignatius took his own life changing experience to help others through exercises of prayer.

More of the message:

“The disasters relating to weather and earth changes will continue. This too has a ripple effect. When you have an earthquake on the opposite side of the globe with plates shifting, the movement will continue from east to west. Everyone should continue to keep supplies and stay prepared not just during hurricane season, but year round in order to avoid panic.
Expect more upheaval from those who despise your nation and way of life.
What lies in front of you is not pretty.
It is important that each of you continue your spiritual gatherings together. The number is not important, but the connection and contact with others is necessary to increase the Light through the power of prayer, and love.”

“Wherever two or three or gathered together in my name, there I stand in the midst of them.”

When the boat is rocking, we, too, can gather together and move in such a way!

Is this the right time to get right with God and really do his will?

In the Book of John, Chapter Four, we come upon the scene where Jesus was in the midst of conversation the woman at the well.
The disciples had left to look for food.
Upon their return, they were baffled that Jesus was talking with a Samaritan woman. The disciples were trying to distract Jesus and control the situation by saying, “Master, eat.”
Jesus took this as a teaching opportunity for all that had ears to hear:
“I have food you know nothing about.” The disciples were confused, “Where did he get food?”
Jesus’ next statement made his point clear:
“My food,” is to obey the will of the one who sent me, and to finish the work he gave me to do.”

Even though the global outlook is gloomy and depressing, I can stand firm in my faith, taking in Jesus’ words, “What is that to thee follow me!”

This is a prayer of protection that a dear friend sent to me a few years ago. I do not know the author, but feel compelled to pass it on to all of you, hoping it will bring you peace in the midst of rough waters:

“Lord and Holy Protector, like the disciples who were caught in their tiny boat in the midst of a mighty storm, we come to beg Your Help.
We are fearful as we are surrounded by danger.
We feel helpless and small before the great power of this storm, which is beyond our control.
While everything seems dark and dangerous, we place our trust in You; our Lord and God.
Sheltered here in our home, we are also shielded by Your Love against all that might harm us.
We know that You hear all prayers; so we now, filled with confidence, lift up our petitions to You, our God.
Lord, we fear for our home, for our lives and for all we hold dear.
Lord, your Sacred Blessing is upon this home and upon each of us as well.
We are secure in the power of that blessing.
May the saving power of the Cross of Your Son, Jesus, encircle our home and us.
May the Sacred Sign of the Cross repel all evil, all harm and injury.
May the light of this candle be for us a holy sign of Your Divine Presence that fills our home in the midst of any danger.
Lord and Creator of Storms and of Rainbows, be with us in this time of danger.”
Amen +

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