Moving with God

“A great shift has come upon the planet now. Soon many will see the truth that is coming forth. It will be those who are aware that will accept it and move on. There will be those who do not accept the truth and they will continue to wander looking for answers.” (Messages from Heaven)


For the past several days, I’ve had visitors from the winged world. The birds flutter outside my office window, as if one was peering into a mirror searching for clarity. This little one in the picture has been very persistent!

There is so much going on in the world right now. We have to go deeper to find God’s truth in the midst of all the debris.


The Breath of Yahweh is blowing. There is movement in the trees as they sway according to what is sensed by the Holy winds. Creation by nature, bends to a movement; responding to that gentle and soft breeze that makes the trees dance by touching their branches, holding hands of little children. They dance side by side embracing each other and with a sound of clapping hands. (The Breath of Yahweh by Prophet HR.)

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