How Does Your Garden Grow?

This week, we are focusing on the earth changes and how they affect those of us in a service capacity.

Take time to get more connected with the plants around you. Right now an interesting thing is happening on our planet.

First, the earth mother, she is wobbling and changing. She is ready to spew out some stuff. There is a lot happening in the core of the earth. Just look at the violence of the weather.

One could also view this as a cleansing of sorts. Sometimes it is necessary to go deep to have more of a connection with self and the earth.

If you are looking to bear fruit in your life, or in your garden, this is the week to give it most of your attention.

If you have to fertilize, do it. If you need to add a special type of plant food, do it. Whatever the plants need, give them your attention and your help.

By this act of faith, you will increase the growing power of your garden, and all those plants that you depend on for food and healing will give back to you in great abundance.

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