How Does One Seek Truth in Life?

Turning to God in times of need provides one with the tools necessary to handle any road block or situation that life presents.

When a major life change happens, such as moving to a new place, or taking a new job cautions one to go within, ask questions, and look for answers.

There are several points to ponder when seeking truth in your own life:

Whose truth do I believe?

Do I have enough facts to make an informed choice?

Do I believe God’s truth?

Will the knowledge I gain from this experience carry weight in the heaven world or be discarded?

What we do know is that God’s truth is perfect, and the answers one seeks will be revealed in His time.
In the Book of Numbers, we come upon the scene in scripture where God’s people were being directed to enter the Promised Land.

Each tribe would choose a representative to check out Canaan.

After forty days, the twelve scouts returned describing everything that God promised.

Ten of the twelve began to focus on all the things that were wrong in Canaan.

There were giants and other things running around.

Soon, the children of God began to complain. The people lacked vision.

Man’s truth fueled by impatience, is covered with deception lacking depth and perspective.

However, Caleb was one who traveled to Canaan and like what he saw.

Caleb trusted God and was ready to move into the land at once and told the others that were whining, “Do not be afraid, the Lord is with us!”

Caleb did not have the support of the entire group and was looked down upon with negativity flowing all around him.

It is in moments such as this that one will either embrace God’s truth or move away from it.

The Word reminds us to be discerning when interacting with others, “keep sound wisdom and discretion.”

The focus is not about what another person says or does; it is all about what God says and what he will do. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and he shall direct your path.”

Caleb did not give in to the group dissension.

Caleb and his family entered the Promised Land. “My servant Caleb, because he did not have a spirit of fear in him, will be allowed to enter the Promised Land.”

He followed God’s instructions and was one of the few not left to wander for forty years.

Truth remains unchanged because it is guaranteed by the character of God.

“If you seek the truth, the truth shall set you free!”

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