Herbs from God’s Garden – Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Part 2

Red Clover is not only a wonderful herb, but is also used as a flower essence.
Flower Essences are holy waters from God’s garden that work on the emotional and spiritual level to help one in times of great need.
In our current climate, there are a lot of catastrophic events occurring around the globe and in our nation that lead to mass confusion.
Earth changing events relating to weather, economic concern, wars, etc., all play a part in the rise of fear, panic or hysteria, in a group setting such as one’s family, work place, town, city or nation.
Red Clover used in combination with other flower essences can be used as part of your emotional and spiritual health regiment in times of great distress.
Don’t forget your pets.
Red Clover is great for animals. They, too, are part of the family, and tend to react to the emotions displayed by their owner or family members.
Dogs are always aware of what is happening before we do.
I had one dog who knew when it was going to storm long before a crack of thunder was ever heard or the first rain drop fell.
Red Clover is one of the flower essences I have used to address the needs of all my family members, whether they are two-legged or four-legged.

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