Herbs from God’s Garden – Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Part 1

Red Clover is a great herbal ally to have in every garden regardless of where you live.
Red Clover is a food, part of the legume family and an herb.
The plant is mineral rich, high in calcium, and nourishes the hormonal and nervous system.
Red Clover is also great for the blood and the skin, and will promote fertility when combined with Red Raspberry.
Years back, while apprenticing as an Herbalist, there was a member of our class that was trying to get pregnant. She tried everything and nothing was working. It was suggested that she drink a cup Red Clover and Red Raspberry tea. The member took the suggestion and soon became pregnant!
In many places, you can find Red Clover growing wild on the side of the road or in fields.
In Florida, the best place to grow Red Clover from seed is in large pots, facing east. The sun is not as intense in the morning as it is in the evening.
Early spring is when Red Clover flowers and shines in my garden.

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