Helping Others When Times Are Tough!

Everyone who works in ministry knows that funds are tight right now.
Members of “Helping One Family at a Time” are partnering with other ministries to help provide a little relief for families in need this summer.
We were asked to help out with milk.
Right now, the price of milk in our local “Save A Lot” is $3.09 per gallon.
One of our members suggested powdered milk, so I did some research.
Here is the breakdown:
I visited “Sam’s Club” on-line and found they are carrying “Augason Farms”, Morning Moo and Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk by the case.
To order 2 cases of 6, #10 cans, the shipping to our area would be $19.29.
Each #10 can would make approximately 5 gallons of milk, $2.26 gallon;28 cents per cup. This is not a bad deal. The cans increase the shelf life of the product after it is opened.
I checked out Walmart. They sell 10 quart size pouches in a box for $8.98. This was not such a good deal as far as price, but the pouches are nice.
I went to Sam’s Club and they have a cardboard box of “Member’s Mark” Instant Non-fat Dry Milk, 4.5 lb box, 22 quart servings, 5.5 gallons, $2.16 per gallon and 27 cents per cup.
A little milk can go a long way and God will always help you find a way to help others!

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