God, Bless Us!

“At night, my soul longs for you. I watch for you at daybreak.” (Is. 26)


Take a moment to reflect on the musical clip taken from from Taize, “Bless the Lord, My Soul.” We are asking God to bless us and become one with us.


St. Hildegard said, “God gave humanity all the creative potential to co-create. We are responsible co-creators with God, because we are made with the power of the divine in us.”

One must go deep and makes the spiritual changes necessary to connect with the divine.

“Going deep means we are sent forth into diverse spaces for healing. Disturbances found within relate to cracks deep in the ocean floor that open up revealing a veil of shadow. The churning of the water stimulates one’s emotional condition.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 43)

In her vision 4:18, St. Hildegard describes the depth of the soul: “The soul is so deeply within us, that it seems our body is animated of its very self. The soul knows it comes from the Creator and calls God by many names.”

It is in the calling that God answers our plea and solutions are found. “My soul, give thanks to the Lord, all my being, bless God’s holy name.My soul, give thanks to the Lord and never forget God’s blessings.It is God who forgives all guilt and heals every one of your ills.God redeems your life from the grave; crowns you with love and compassion; fills your life with good things, renewing your youth like an eagle.” (Prayer for Each Day, Taize, pg. 149)

“God’s love and blessing is from everlasting to everlasting!” (Ps. 103)

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