Fully Human-Fully Alive in 2015!

Plow new ground and reap the blessings” (Hos. 10:12)

We are turning a page to enter a New Year.

During this time of new beginnings, become fully human and fully alive.

Be all you are and so much more.

Believe in the infinite possibilities that await you.

Let 2015 be your time to awaken and reap all God’s blessings, as you become fully human and fully alive!

2 thoughts on “Fully Human-Fully Alive in 2015!”

  1. Patty sent this post to three of my family

    1. one is homeless 2. one has just retired and is very scared of her own happiness-she is 69 3. one is in the process of discerning a divorce/separation.

    Your words touched my heart for them.

    Keep my sisters and daughter in your prayers

    A blessed and peaceful New Year.



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