Free To Be

We are so fortunate to live in a nation where everyone has to the right to pray or live in freedom without prejudice.

In the 2nd Chapter of St. James there is a message about how one must never treat others differently according to their outward appearance, gender or station in life.

Many years ago, a self-help group attempting to get their feet off the ground had a special encounter, struggling with unrealistic rules and regulations.

One day this group was gathering and a young man, suffering, and hurting knocked on the door. A member went and answered the door.

The young man stated his desperate case and above all wanted to find healing from the malady that plagued his every step.He asked a question, “Will you let me join your group?” “Since I am the victim of another affliction even worse stigmatized, you may not want me among you. Or will you?”

Here was the dilemma: what should the group do allow him in or turn him away?

The older members gathered in confidence, and one man spoke up saying, “If we turn this one away, he’ll soon die”. “If we allow him to stay, only God knows what trouble he’ll brew”. What should the answer be, yes or no?

There was further discussion, one of the members heard five words running in his head, and he spoke up and said, “What would the Master do?” Not another word was said.

This young man was let in and proved that he wanted to get well and in turn helped many others. Jesus said, “Follow me on my way, and care for my people until none are sick and hurting.

As you go about your life this independence weekend, remember we are all God’s children and are free to be you and me!

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