Dawn of a New Day

Do you seek to start over in your life? Are you limiting yourself in any way, shape or form?
When you limit yourself you limit God? Are you searching for something new? Look no further. Take a few moments out of your day to experience the promise in the today of tomorrow.
Do not be disturbed by unusual sights or sounds. These are the signs of the times that we live in.
Sometimes one must endure the darkness of night to embrace the Dawn of a New Day.
Do not be dismayed nor discouraged for the Lord, your God has you in his sights.
In the midst of all the visions, sounds and changes, remember, there is no limitation in God.
Instead of hugging your problems, hug God. With your arms crossed and fingertips touching each shoulder, imagine that God is putting his arms around you. Can you feel his presence?
Don’t delay. Take God’s hand, cross the threshold of life, open the door and look to the east.
When the dawn appears on the horizon, you are opening your spiritual eyes for the first time.
It is in the center of one’s eye, between opening and closing, the greatness and vastness of the universe and the touch of God’s hand will come into focus.
Joy does come in the morning, especially at dawn.
It is the sound of the birds or the whispering wind that remind us of the magnitude of creation that surrounds us.
It is the dawning of a new day, a promise in the today of tomorrow that brings hope to one lost in the sea of despair or sorrow.
Soon the sorrow or trauma of the evening soon passes out of sight and in its place is the mighty joy that begins to shine in the east.
Always, Thank God for all the goodness that will bear fruit this day!

Dawn of a New Day!

Just as the plants awaken in the spring, so do we.
It is a calling from deep within the soul, a transition.
Plant the seeds of inspiration and hope. Put your ideas into action, stand tall and proud.
This is your new dawn and new beginning.

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