Charting a New Course

A New Destination:

“My child, never drift off course from these two goals for your life: to walk in wisdom and to discover discernment. Don’t ever forget how they empower you.” (Pro. 3:21)

Hello Kindred Soul’s,

Where do we go from here? The slate is wiped clean. It is time to chart a new course, with Jesus at the helm.

In moving forward there is such freedom; the old woman/man is left behind, never to be heard from again.

“He will lead us the way we need to go.”

Beyond the Pulpit

& Into the Garden…

I Go Before You, Always…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve plodded along; wondering which way to turn and then heard these inspiring words, “Don’t look back, look up and see all the greatness I have in store for you” encouraging me to chart a new course.”*

Connect with the Inner Ticker of Life

“What a heavenly home God has set for the sun, shining in the superdome of the sky! See how he leaves his celestial chamber each morning; like a day-breaking champion eager to run his course. He rises on one horizon, completing his circuit on the other, warming lives and lands with his heat.” (Ps. 19:5-6)

Pockets of Hope

Go forth; I am sending you out as I sent out the followers of the way; in hope and faith. Don’t miss this weeks podcast message…

Keep in Touch: I Want to Hear From You!

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life

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