The Compassionate Heart of Christ – Lent-Week 2

Continue traveling the Holy Road with me, during this Lenten Season and meet the Compassionate Christ.

The Compassionate Heart of Christ – Lent – Week 1

“See yourself on the Road to Golgotha. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the heart strings that are stretched, but not yet broken, causing one to act out of fear or condemnation.”

Christ’s Whisper

Listen for “Christ’s Whisper!” He is knocking on the door of your heart; stirring your Spirit and whispering, “If you need me, I AM there!”

Begin Anew, Again!

“We want those in darkness to find the Light. Take the new birth experience and run with it!"

The Christmas Star

Are you following the star, searching for the one who will fill your heart with hope and peace? "Don't forget, with God all things are possible. His way is the hope of our world."*

Draw Closer to God

Will you accept Jesus’ invitation? "Come take my hand and I will walk with you towards the light. If you draw closer to me, I will draw closer to you.”

Finding Home via the Language of Love

Are you waiting patiently for God to move in your life, trying to find your way home? “Praying from the heart will bring all the compassion that resides within” & In the end, Love Wins!

Finding Home – Rest in Him

Feeling distressed? "I say to myself, “If only I could fly away from all of this! If only I could run away to the place of rest and peace." (Ps. 55) Find Home & Rest in Him...

Finding Home via His Perfect Peace

For all who are suffering around our world, take heart. Wrap yourself in prayer every day and tell the Lord about every detail of your life, He is listening. Embrace His Perfect Peace.

Trusting in God

"Some days may bring disappointments, bitter tastes—accidents that can cause peace of heart to vanish. But every day there remains the possibility to surrender ourselves in God." (Br. Roger)

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