A Fluttering Heart

“When the mind goes awry, the fluttering of the heart is not far behind. Be not distracted, God is greater than any disruption.”

Focus & Tools

“Fear keeps you bound and not free. Use all of your tools; see them for what they are as a means of moving forward. Put the focus on me and …

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Steer & Stir

“Let me Steer your Heart & Stir your Spirit.”

Loose Garment

“Wear the world like a loose garment, where you can easily flow in and out.”

Focus & Centered

“Don’t engage in anyone’s negativity or their anger; it’s not yours to bear. Stay focused and centered in the work.”

Stay the Course

“We are now at a point where there is no more time to waste. Don’t drift off and lose focus. Stay the course and be vigilant.”