Breathe in the Holy

Light of the World…

“You are the Light of the World, enlightening humanity!”

If each night in our lives could become a kind of Christmas night, a night illuminated from within…

Imagine what our world would be like looking through that lens.

The Light is what remains with us and sustains us.

“The Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God.” (Lk. 1:35)

Beyond the Pulpit & Into the Garden

Christmas Message

“Wise men seek him!” What are we seeking from Jesus?

“When I was growing there in secret, you knew I was there.” (Ps. 139:15)

Before and after the birth; Jesus had many seeking him, “His life is the highest and the holiest entering through the most humble of doors. Our Lord’s birth was an advent, the appearance of God in human form.”

Connect with the Inner Ticker of Life

“God descends into man; man ascends into God.” (JGL)

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Breathe in the Holy

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