It is in the depths, the reaches beyond you will find me; in a word, a whisper, or a song.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life)

A Spiritual Way of Life” connects kindred souls in a contemplative setting who have a desire to gather together in search of healing, spiritual balance and peace.

Unity is the cornerstone of every retreat. All are welcome who seek to improve their sacred way of life regardless of spiritual affiliation.

Rev. Patricia Zorn moves beyond the foundation of recovery, stepping outside of the box by incorporating deep spiritual principles. She includes her own experience, strength and hope; along with her spiritual writings to create a foundation for all retreats.

Rev. Zorn taps into a higher way of life; meeting people where they are at who desire a deeper, more loving relationship with God. She has years of experience designing day or weekend retreats for those in 12 Step retreat settings or other small spiritual groups seeking to get away and “Awaken to the Inner Ticker of Life.”

Come away! Be lifted up with other like-minded souls seeking “A Spiritual Way of Life” following the road of happy destiny!

I healed you when you were not looking. I healed you in the silence of the moment. I healed you in the silence of prayer. I have healed you.”


  Raving Reviews:

We just want to say “Thank You” for coming down today. Your love and support is always welcome. (Healing Retreat)

“Thank you for a wonderful retreat.   I loved it and I know everyone I traveled with got a lot out of the retreat and your keep it simple approach.”   “When is the next retreat?” “Thank you for a wonderful day, Saturday, as always you make me feel so blessed.” (ASWOL )

We had a great response from attendees and the retreat in general. Several women used the word “awesome“ to describe you. Many were touched by your healing ceremony.”   (Matt Talbot Retreat for Women)

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