Are You Shaking and Breaking Spiritually?

When you look at what is going around you, in your nation, everything is symbolic in nature to her/his relationship with me.
Areas of the earth are shaking and breaking apart.
Look inside of yourselves. You are shaking; you are scared about the future.
Don’t you remember what I told you “Don’t worry about tomorrow?” Tomorrow will take care of itself.” Yet, you have not heeded my words and continue to worry for nothing.
The breaking up of the earth whether caused by action under the earth or the large wind, is a sign of your breaking up as a nation.
Once, you stood strong and proud as a people; you were proud to be part of America. Now, members of your nation have grown lackadaisical and misunderstand the messages of long ago.
If you look back in your history there was a time when you came together for the common good of all. You were excited to be a republic, a free nation.
Over the centuries, this has been lost, and the way of life you once held strong and true has gone to the wayside.
The water represents all the tears in heaven. I weep so much now, you cannot imagine.
Yes, there are dry areas as well. What is running dry in your spiritual life? Are there ways you can change it? Yes.
All the problems and natural disasters you see happening around you, are happening and will continue to happen until you begin to take back what the enemy has stolen from you.
The most important thing you have lost as a nation is your personal relationship with me.
This is my greatest sorrow.
Next, I watch how you treat one another.
This is not an ‘us’ or ‘them’ mentality to be embraced anymore; in order to move forward, one must have a ‘we’ mentality, truly caring for the nature and understanding of one’s brother or sister.
Each of you, as “Bearer’s of Light and followers of “The Way” will be required to step out and step up.
If you are already assisting others in your ministry, center or church then keep on doing what you are doing, always in my name.
If you don’t know what to do, pray and ask for my help. I am always listening because “I am always with you.”
The resources are there even during these hard economic times in your nation.
My level of abundance and source is ever lasting and does not run out.
Begin to tap into the higher things of life and you will see great things come to pass.
When you reach higher, I reach back. Remember the old time hymn, “Nearer My God to Thee?” I am nearer and closer than you could have ever imagined.
If you are in area that is cleaning up, do not lose hope, a new way will be made.
If you are in an area that has not been affected, be grateful for the space that surrounds you and take the time to care for it.
As it has been written, “there will be wars and rumors of wars, but this is not the end.”
This is not the end, but the beginning of find your way to ‘my way.’

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