A Gathering of Friends

A Gathering of Friends


“I know thy works; behold, I have set before you an open door.”

Sacred Walk Home: We meet kindred spirits in the moment, where the rubber meets the road along the highways and by-ways of life; lifting another being out of despair into the Light.

A Ministry of Hope & Healing: To find hope is to heal that which weighs one down in this ever-changing world.

We are called to be Christ’s hands and feet; in motion and without walls, as we minister hope & healing to those seeking a spiritual way of life.

Several years ago, members desired to develop a closer relationship with Christ and began gathering around kitchen tables and living rooms for a time of prayer and healing.

We gather in the tradition of the early Christians, online; ministering in the moment; following Christ’s teachings and incorporating these lessons into our daily lives, one-day-at-time!

We are from every walk of life coming together, waiting for the Spirit of God to direct us and bless those we assist through our outreach ministry,” Helping One Family at a Time.”

A Bit of Our History:

In 2003, shortly after we formed our small faith community, it was clear God was calling us to serve him and others in a very unique way.

“Troy’s Penny Project” laid the foundation to what would later become, “Helping One Family at a Time.”

One Sunday, a plastic jar was laid on a back table before our gathering. A simple request was made for members to donate pennies. All the proceeds would go to help one needy child in our community for Christmas.

Soon there were nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars placed in the jar, and as we celebrated the birth of Christ, our ministry of “Helping One Family at a Time” was born.

In 2003 and 2004, we were asked by the Spring Hill Community Association to participate in “Angels on High.” Though this charitable outreach effort, we were able use the donations to help more families in need and a seed was planted, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven!”

Our Spiritual Journey:

God is patient, precise and has made it clear, Sacred Walk Home  has a mission.

In 2010, as a community and as individuals we rededicated our lives to serving Christ.

We made a commitment to help those that God places in our path, especially those existing outside the confines of the institutional church; the host of humanity slipping through the cracks of life. Many have lost hope.

In these challenging and changing times, we ask you to stand with us as we embark upon God’s next great adventure.

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Sacred Walk Home, A Ministry of Hope & Healing; an online “Gathering of Friends” without Walls or Borders

A Gathering of Friends

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 Sacred Walk Home

 Gathering Prayer

 “Jesus, Thank You for the blessing of this gathering.
Continue weaving us together in Unity and Love!”