A Meditative Moment

Hit the Reset Button…

Hello Kindred Souls,

Like many of you, my spiritual foundation has been tested and shaken in these last two years. How can I move forward?

Hitting the reset button allows me to spend more time in prayer; in his precious presence, gaining courage and momentum. 

None of us know how long we are called to be on this side of the veil. Making the most of the time one has, regardless of age or circumstances, brings about infinite blessings on many levels.

Beyond the Pulpit & Into the Garden

What was paradise but a garden…

Connect with the Inner Ticker of Life

Go off the virtual grid and block out the noise of the world.

“Long ago, Elijah, the believer, set out in search of a place where he could listen to God. He climbed a mountain in the wilderness. A hurricane arose, the earth began to shake, and a conflagration broke out. Elijah knew that God was not in these outbursts of nature. God is never the author of earthquakes or natural disasters. Then everything became quiet and there was the murmur of a gentle breeze. Elijah covered his face. He had come to the realization that God’s voice also made itself understood in a breath of the silence.” (Br. Roger)

So dear ones…

Meditate; Listen closely for God’s voice. Breathe in the silence & don’t forget to hit the reset button, “My mouth shall speak wisdom; the meditation of my heart shall be understanding!” (Ps.49:3) 

Until we meet again…

Stay Safe & Be Blessed,

Rev. Patty

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